Toadies Pressed Against the Sky Lyrics

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If this is a dream, I'm happy you're having it with me
I will stay and savor the way you move me
Don't want to miss one detail, one sweet smile from your lips
One kiss sets me adrift, alright, yeah

Chase the stars as they fall down and light up where you are
They are yours, yours for keeping
Trace the curve of the sheets, a riddle of desire
When I watch you, when I watch you sleeping, yeah

Pressed against the sky, eyes wide open
Pressed against the sky, pressed against the sky, yeah
Eyes wide open, yeah, yeah, eyes wide open, yeah, yeah, yeah
Eyes wide open, yeah, yeah, yeah, eyes wide open

Written by: Chris Vogeler, Lisa Rene Umbarger, Mark G. Reznicek, Todd Lewis
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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