a‐ha Presenting Lily Mars Lyrics

The Demo Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Take on Me (demo)
  • 2 Presenting Lily Mars
  • 3 Dot the I
  • 4 Days on End
  • 5 Never Never
  • 6 Monday Mourning
  • 7 Så blåser det på jorden
  • 8 The Love Goodbye
  • 9 Go to Sleep
  • 10 Hunting High and Low
  • 11 I've Been Losing You
  • 12 The Swing of Things (demo)
  • Presenting Lily Mars
    Tap dancer, a soon-to-be star
    She'll beat your heart so fast
    Spotlight's on Lily tonight

    She's on Channel One's late-night show
    She's watching people come and go
    Producer says "You've got it made, girl"
    And when she's lying sleepless in his arms
    The frost paints roses on poor Lily's window pane

    Presenting Lily's mum
    She still lives on in Lily's mind
    Stopped ageing years ago
    Now she's gone, but left her dreams in Lily's eyes
    Lily's wondering if mummy's watching her tonight

    "Good morning!" says father Mars
    Presenting a salesman's cheerful face
    His mouth is never shut!
    As he strides from door to door to door
    Watch his face as he puts his foot in my door

    Presenting Lily Mars
    She's sensing moons and stars
    The pills that Doc subscribed
    Will keep the sleepless, dreamless nights away
    Oh poor Lily, now you're sleeping day by day
    By day by day by day by day
    Bye, bye

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