Cypress Hill feat. MC Eiht Prelude to a Come Up Lyrics

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[MC Eiht]
yeah, Soul Assassins two times, stick em!
yeah, Cypress Hill three times, come on!

Infiltration be our daily operation for chasin'
Cross the seven seas eased, clockin' much conversation
Penetration, you know we gets busy, no hesitation
Greenery, hand-picked, from my own plantation

Feels the heat, under the som-brero
to any amigo that's tryin' to, stop the dineros
Chills with, senoritas, like charro
Get drunk off tequila lay low til tomorrow

Follow, my flow, get the cash and go
Call my homey B-Rizzy in Mexico City
Loose lips sink ships, faker faces got guilt
Didn't mean to call you late, I need a hideout til

cool, homey, I'll bring some ****in' skunk
The homey smuggle me across lines in a trunk
Just like a bird I'm free, in a land
with no ****in' extradition treaty, I'm out, yeah

"**** is real on the **********in' Hill God" [Repeat: x2]
"With the crew from off the Hill"

B-Really killin' the Phillie now can you feel me from the
Soul Assassin committee, the shitty *****s never thrill me
You silly *****es never respect, neglect money
You funny or broke, think it's a joke, your nose is runny

Got my main man, Mr. Rocho kickin' the vocals
from the Eastside, where it's loco sellin' the poco
From the two G's, breakin the leaves of cheese, makin' the bacon
You hear it sizzle got your hands ready for the takin'

Evading the pigs, raiding my crib, I'm mad lib
and I want to live and I'm givin' the message droppin' the lesson
Flippin' ****, and I'm keepin' em guessin' they all stressin'
Hit the lullaby, no confession, we in session

"**** is real on the **********in' Hill God" [Repeat: x4]]
"With the crew from off the Hill"

[MC Eiht]
We's beez the three amigos, skates with nickel plates
under the seat and we goes East Coast/West Coast, anybody killer!
Soul Assassins gets the cash and smash
Who spits the Glocks like uno and dos?

Makin' your body disappear like a ghost
One time's tryin' to gaffle me, harassin' me
Tryin' to send me to the penitentiary

In the nighttime, *****s are creepin' you ****in' sleepin'
And the beat, just keeps on seepin' into the street
While you peakin' I'm meetin' and greetin' the people speakin'
And leadin' the ************s who's seekin' to catch, ruckus

Meaning you suckers no-luckers overdub us, nut hug us
You love us, you can't stop, these mad audio hustlers

"**** is real on the **********in Hill God" [Repeat: x5]

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