Canaan Prayer for Nothing Lyrics

A Calling to Weakness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 To Those Who Cried
  • 2 Prayer for Nothing
  • 3 Warm Dust
  • 4 Everything You Say
  • 5 Scars
  • 6 Un ultimo patetico addio
  • 7 The Forever Passion
  • 8 Falling Again
  • 9 Grey
  • 10 The Fires in Me
  • 11 Essere nulla
  • 12 Submission
  • 13 Mercury
  • 14 Chrome Red Overdose
  • 15 The Ghosts of My Betrayal
  • 16 Frequency Omega
  • 17 A Last Lullaby
  • As I close my eyes
    and drown in my little
    prayer for nothing

    Like dust dissolving in a water
    too deep, too cold, too dark
    I paint a pale imitation of happiness

    With the weak brushes of
    passing desires
    I portray the thousand pale signs
    and the thousand bright years
    wasted after the illusion
    of a NO MEANING life

    While everything disappears
    like a child begging for mercy
    I close my eyes and save
    a last prayer for nothing

    Waiting for an end that
    never comes.

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