Lupe Fiasco Pound Of Flesh / Paris Tokyo 2 Lyrics

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Yeah, what's up?
Yeah I'm saying, ay!

This yo beat? I'm sorry
But her eyes were so starry
I just get to get something
Growing up, hit the bricks
Drop the coins, pick up the shit
Like a purple scooper, even dunk shit was
Underdogs of the past
Can be the shit up in the future
I brush my shoulders off to remove my
Bazooka what we doing?
Deck full of spades, hold up
I act like bom bucket it's my new
The ways of the lupester, the base meaning is
I'm a roofer
I'm going like future
All I need is a coop
And the princess behind me like king Cooper
If a nigger with me and he black
He might shoot ya
And that's' motherfucking real
Even my mother is fucking real
Kitchen kinda taping then undercover skills
Your beat is in my bedroom giving head to him
Stretch it out, stand up then they call it leg room
Beat the beat till this beat is ex tomb
Then repeat, eat it till it's sleep
Wake it up but then don't speak to it
Cause now it's like the feds to him
Beats having trouble to go to sleep
Cause I'm like Fred Tomb
And if I can be any meaner
But Tina was Martin and Gina
To her I wouldn't rare
But now she like Pam
She still want to flow but now I'm like damn
Whisk her away but I had to scram
Back to the bullshit
Scramble till your and tell a preacher he legit
Beats get weaker the deeper that I get
Damn right Shane even got the Shaft
I'm just speaking from the tip
When the fire gone then I quit
Self on still alone on the trip
So I can speak to the choir
I'm throwing all my shit
And noble while sober but my song nobler
Eating with out hands in the way there is a fan
Shot the mike Farrell keeping paper in my hands
Taylor...a masterminds of pen
Sky drops six on a blazer
Drop top Aston versus cope rama
Free Rico before you do is big
My father tatted on him
Go and show him what it is
Black dragon slayer they ain't knowing what he did
While everybody in Bull city eating like a pig
Let's do it, dirt, mouse Keif, bulo, Farris, drama
Comment flick yey
Chance, Illinois, Lupe
Everything aroung me
Freeze, get the money, the dollar

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