Fred The Godson Pound Cake Freestyle Lyrics

Only good music it's gonna last, all that other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow
It's that I go nuts when I'm spinning not a bless it's true
But you a dick with a tesicle, from a different lever never care for the fame
..i'm just saving the game
22 'you can change the '
If he knew what he know now he'll be '
Know now was an'
I know in time that '
Still chopping out the white girl I'm still '
Still got yellow park in the '
See somebody '
..i gotta blow inside'
'we can go inside'
I'm coming with '
So the ice it's on the window'
You didn't know '
..see I spin what I've been through
It's like a'shouldn't be broke'
Disrespect is simple'on a pay ball
I swear to God there' no'afraid to God

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