Game feat. Chris Brown Pot of Gold Lyrics

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All the spotlight
Is not for me
I close my eyes
And imagine I'm home
I miss the days
When life was simple
But if I never tried to follow that rainbow
In search of the pot of gold
In search of the pot of gold

It's a mother out there right now
About to have the next LeBron
Searching for a pot of gold like a leprechaun
They say death comes in threes
Who's next in line?
And I just lost a best friend for the second time
Now I'm on a quest to find peace
Still gotta carry my piece and
So wooh when it's rappin' time
Y'all don't understand I'm misunderstood
Give Interscope two more albums
Then I'm done for good
Sold 10 million records, ain't leave the hood
It's a cold world, everybody need a hood
And everybody doing time, stay headstrong
You still got a chance to
Live even though you dead wrong


Sometimes I try to do good but I just can't be
It's hard to get myself to do things that ain't me
And y'all should thank me
But my haters busy trying to send me home early
But you can't New Orlean Saint me
I ain't a saint B, I ain't a God, girl
I ain't a angel neither but I try hard y'all
I'm lighting up for all my soldiers at war
As I sit back and watch
The ashes on my cigar fall
Wayne just came home and
Tip back on the yard dog
Guess Pujols ain't the only one playing hard ball


See the thing about all of us is
We never know just what we'd find

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