Encryptor Post Mortem Soul Lyrics

Cryptic Works 1999-2005 Track Listing
  • 1 Infernal Catastrophy
  • 2 Post Mortem Soul
  • 3 Prohpecy Of Infinity
  • 4 The Price Of Submission
  • 5 Misfortuned At Birth
  • 6 Into The Lives Of The Unblessed
  • 7 Portal Of Demonic Torment
  • 8 Drowning In Ignorance
  • 9 Cast Into Darkness
  • 10 Rebrutalization
  • 11 Sermon Decay
  • 12 Horrific Engenderment
  • 13 Vomit Congregation
  • 14 Images Of Tragedy
  • 15 Everything Must Decompose
  • 16 Bloodflow Towards Salvation
  • 17 Nocturnal Faith Bonus Track
  • soul, he meets his makers face.
    "Bow down before me," says God. "Vengeance is mine." there is no choice but to yield to the
    Lord's request."

    Sin has ruled your existence since your birth. You did not accept the Christ
    Chances you've had were ignored. there is no excuse for this.
    As your soul is stripped away...

    As your soul is stripped away by demons from the realm of Satan. You are pulled in flames
    Another death, another soul who lost its freaking way, and was denied eternal life. And
    everlasting pain was his only place.

    Undead will feast on your body forever. Eyes torn from your skull. Rotting in the grave.

    Sin has left your treasures in ruins. You did not depend on him. Wasted your life and now
    beside the Throne. How will you explain?

    You died a horrible death. And because you rejected my God you lost your soul. You lost your

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