Suburban Legends Popular Demand Lyrics

Suburban Legends Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Popular Demand
  • 2 I Want More
  • 3 Don Juan
  • 4 Alternative is Dead
  • 5 Desperate
  • I stayed out late last night
    Why am I such a fool?
    My alarm did not go off
    Now I'm late for school
    I sneak slowly into class with professional agility
    "Yer not saved by the bell," yells Mr. Peabody

    Some people think that I should do my best
    Why should I when I just flunked my last test
    Just Say No
    To Popular Demand
    Cuz everyone you know is workin' for the man
    Just Say No
    To Popular Demand
    Walk when they say run, and sit when they say stand

    The faculty is all against me
    The Government is too
    Ferris Bueler you're my hero
    You'd know what to do
    Live each day as if it was your last, that was always my philosphy
    No! Try harder than the rest, that's what they yell at me

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