Ultramagnetic MC’s Poo Poo Wreckers Lyrics

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"That's really nice, I really enjoyed myself"
"I enjoyed myself too sweetheart" {*moaning*}
"Mmm, let's say we uhh, try doing it later on this afternoon"
{*loud moaning continues*}

[Ced Gee]
Yeah, bounce baby
Bounce baby, check it out!

When I sex it, I flow slow, my love as tough as belts so
I take you to your peak, wreck your walls so you know
I'm done with, my love part, and this ain't, no con job
Believe me, I need it, like Noah needs an Ark
So let me in and I'll begin to wreck you like a savage
It's lust you want, I'll never taunt, because I'm automatic
The klepto, I might go, or not it's a small thing
We shake shake, we wiggle, I wreck wreck, or bang bang
A platinum waterbed, break out the boxsprings
I damage your spine, but baby you'll sing

Lovvving you, is easy cause you're beautiful
And everything I dooooooo, is all because of you

Then you will find I'm, unique one of a kind my
Technique for making love, is brutal but on time
I make you an acrobat, fold you up, blow you back
Go deep in your stuff, penetrate 'til I hit your neck
I'm good from the back, I'm good from the front
I make up new positions because, I'm the poo poo wrecker
I keep drillin, like a Black

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