Hawksley Workman Pomegranate Daffodil Lyrics

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Don't fuck around anymore
There's no good times left for a
So spit shine your old shoes
Knock on my door
And don't fuck around anymore
The good days are bleeding
They weren't ours to keep
So drink up your red wine and
Make love every day
The good days are bleeding
This catastrophe of yours
After one there's always more
Is that all that you're living for
This catastrophe of yours
This catastrophe of mine
Play your cards and play them
It could be yours tonight
This catastrophe if mine
We'll be bored and
Wont' have time for these
Catastrophes anymore
This catastrophe we made
Murky waters and in we wade
There won't be peace for us
In this catastrophe we made
This catastrophe of ours
Ain't no moon and ain't no
There ain't no Jupiter and Mars
In this catastrophe of ours
Pomegranate and daffodil
If you take lover for granted
Regret it you will
Cuz no darkness can take us
And cloud us forever
No darkness will keep us from
Being together
I said no darkness will keep us
So don't fuck around anymore.

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