Training for Utopia Police John, Police Red Lyrics

Training for Utopia / Zao Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Modus Operandi
  • 2 Skin Like Winter (feat. Maven from Training for Utopia)
  • 3 Police John, Police Red
  • 4 Walk on By, Walk on Me (The Pianist's Prophecy)
  • I tried. You lied.
    No more taking chances.
    No more chances.
    Your face is a mask, i can feel it.
    No one is a sucker for you.
    If i could, i would, i would steal it.
    I'd steal it away from you to breathe.
    I'm holding my passage.
    I fall to the ground.
    You are laughing at me.
    You are dying, you fool.
    A death parade, this way comes.
    I'm holding a banner of white.
    I hear them stomping, wearing upside down smiles.
    I spit to make mud.
    And i drown myself in.
    I'm digging you out from a downgrade
    and i'm dragging you under the stairs to breathe.
    Come armageddon.

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