The Silent Comedy Poison Lyrics

Your body went black with the bitters drained
Satin got strapped to a wooden base
Hammer heads clap for the liquid lace
Battery brat and a wicked fade

But if the ladle gets licked, then the suspect’s headed for hell to pay

Scissor-cut slacks and a broken vase
A little high fashion and summer steak
Hanging my hat where the stumbles stray
Lift a gate latch and you’re giving way

But in a fifty-ounce fish, there’s a full shot stiff of the Everglades
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  • 1 Foreward
  • 2 '49
  • 3 Poison
  • 4 The Well
  • 5 Bartholomew
  • 6 Tightrope
  • 7 Moonshine
  • 8 Gasoline
  • 9 Exploitation
  • 10 All Saints Day
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