One King Down Poison What You Give Lyrics

Gravity Wins Again Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Hasp
  • 2 Gravity Wins Again
  • 3 Poison What You Give
  • 4 Nine Eyes
  • 5 Bleeding
  • 6 Reawakened
  • 7 The Killing Fields
  • Peace of mind far behind and just out of reach. Berak and erase so this moment in time will never have been.
    Hand Painted picture of an homicidal dream - The color red i'm wading in.
    Give them what they want but poison what you give. I give them what they want but I poison what I give.
    Like the hyenas - becoming best friend with her hunger, and in a way, it drives them mad.
    A noose around every neck I see. Am I one of them? Are they one with me?
    My rationale - rent asunder. My imagination - commiting murder.

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