Underground Kingz Pocket Full of Stones Lyrics

Too Hard to Swallow Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Something Good (extended version)
  • 2 Use Me Up
  • 3 Pocket Full of Stones
  • 4 Short Texas
  • 5 Cocaine in the Back of the Ride
  • 6 It’s Too Hard to Swallow
  • 7 Cramping My Style
  • 8 Feel Like I'm the One Who’s Doin’ Dope
  • 9 I’m So Bad
  • 10 Trill Ass Nigga
  • 11 976‒Bun B
  • 12 Something Good (Pimp C’s remix)
  • (Bun B)
    When I first started back in 1989
    I wasn't movin keys I barely movin dimes
    Started comin up fiends recognize my face
    Started payin off the laws so I wouldn't catch a case
    You wanna freebase I got them hovers for your ***
    You get high as a kite and you feel a megablast
    cash movin stacks, then they came to piles
    And then them fiends started hittin crack viles

    (Pimp C)
    Back in the days they used to run up sayin Pimp C what ya know?
    I tell em get this crack and get the ****awayfrommehoe!
    Cause everywhere I went it became an instant cut
    Cause they knew I cut them twentys and them big fat monkey nuts
    A fiend gon' be a fiend, but you can't change they *** I guess
    take a Brilo pad to the chest
    now they won't leave me alone
    cause they know I got a whole pocket full of stones


    I gotta pocket full of stones
    I gotta pocket full of stones
    I gotta pocket full of stones
    And they won't leave my *** alone

    (Pimp C)
    I bought a Cadillac brought it to a street top
    Started me a family and started pushin crack rock
    Rock crack sho ain't good in the city that
    Had a ****in hoe for every letter in the alphabet
    Annie and Brenda, Carla and Dee
    And a whole lot a fiends that used to suck my **** for free
    (Bun B) Now what did C?
    I bought my first key from my babymommabrutha
    I cooked it up myself and started passin out them hovers
    Everybody in my faaamly was clockin loot
    Sold my cadillac and bought a lexus sports coupe
    I gotta house on the hill gotta boat on the lake
    Gotta a detail shop to cover up them duckets that I make
    It's to the point where I don't see dope no more
    Still smoke weed still drink beer and toke
    Now all them laws won't leave me alone
    Cause they know all my *****s got a pocket full of stones


    (Bun B)
    Livin real smooth like Aloe Vera lotion
    I'm sellin crack rock, the devil's love potion
    Three wheel motion on my buick park ave
    Fiends used to smoke twenties, now they smokin slabs
    Paid like a mutha****a clientel is growin
    It's gettin so bad I got pregnant fiends hoin
    suck a **** and lick an *** just to get a pump
    **** Black Caesar *****z call me Black Trump
    Pistol Grip pump in my lap at all times
    *****z **** wit other *****z **** but they don't **** wit mine
    Got my money totalled for a big time pass
    17-5 I gotta bird on they ***
    I put my boys down so they wouldn't have to rob
    Now my click is comin up like the ****in mob
    My workers got workers everybody makin green
    gettin cash for puttin stones in the pockets of the fiends


    (Bun B)
    Business boomin daily, my product sellin fast
    me and my ***** C is makin money out the ***
    This **** is gettin silly dope is so easy to sell
    Pay everybody bail ain't no spendin time in jail
    I gotta make the sales cause it's all about that green
    Mo worker mo workers, my face ain't on the scene
    My attitude is mean cause I keepin my respect
    Ain't nobody out of line cause I got em all in check
    I broke a cops neck cause he step outta place
    Dead pig, murder 1 now I got time to face
    The judge that sent me got capped by my ***** C
    And now his *** is sent up the river next to me
    Four years pass and we back on the shoulder
    Cut a fifty up into a nice fat boulder
    Cut it to a nice fat pile of hover tens
    Gotta pocket full of stones startin all over again!!!

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