Plies Plenty Money Lyrics

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I got plenty money I got plenty money I got plenty money
Let the streets know I got plenty money I got plenty money

What's in my pocket dog big face hundred just left the mall
Bought every thing that I wanted I'm kinda of mad with you
Haters I'm real disappointed cause what you didn't tell the people
That I got plenty money I got plenty money

I like my *****es hood but my all my whips foreign just bought a new house
The last one was boring 10, 000 sq. feet it feel like you touring these *****s
Dissing me it ain't really important take off yo shirt ***** I bet yo ribs showing
You *****s starving my money overflowing jewelry game sick got all these hoes
Adoring catch me n the club with all the yak pouring if I ever go to prison I'ma have
Plenty stories sleep real good ain't gotta worry stay fresh every day jewelry stay
Glowing I got plenty money n all you *****s know it


Next month guess what I'm buying rappers I'm starting to feel sorry for you lil' bastards.
I'm pretty what yo career a disaster I control you *****s something like yo master.
65 grand that round a beezle stay from round me if you don't like 2 smell cheddar
I ain't ****ing with the hoe cause she a big hacker wanna know who I'm ****ing my money
I just married her she been good 2 my I mite 5 karat her ran me out the store
I brought to many plasmas counting so much money breathing like I got
Asthma you know the old saying the mo money the merrier.


I don't know why I bout the Bentley wen I had the Maserati what I paid for the goons
Trade 140.scared 2 keep money on my cause I will blow strip club name
Is Mr. Will Throw It keep fire on deck n I will show it **** with me and get wacked
All you *****s know it scared 2 dance in the club cause my fire loaded.if you don't use it den
Don't tote money 2 most *****s me mo money 2 me mean keep
Going haters getting tired my money still growing ball all night catch a flight in the morning

Written by: Christopher Gholson, Algernod Washington
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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