The Damned Pleasure and the Pain Lyrics

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These feelings locked inside my head
I try to reason out of bed
These feelings locked inside of me
Will never see the light of day
Slowly upwards faster down
Reach the top and hit the ground
So many things we left unsaid
So many feelings left for dead
A love affair like this could last
I take a trip back through the past
It tears my heart out deep inside
To think of times I spent inside

[Chorus :]
The pleasure and the pain
It tells me that I'm in love again
The pleasure and the pain
Take a look deep in my eyes
See the emptiness inside
See where forest fires rage
In vain I try to turn the page
But nothing that I say or do
Will ever make me forget you

Repeat chorus 3 times

Written by: Christopher John Millar, David Vanian, Paul Gray, Raymond Ian Burns

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