Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Pleasure and Pain Lyrics

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[Verse 1:]
Lover, lover why do you push, why do you push, why do you push. Baby, baby,
Did you forget about me. 'Cause I've been standing in the back of your
Life, back row centre just above the ice, please don't ask me how I've been
Getting off.

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain, you've done it once, you can do
It again, whatever you've done don't try to explain, it's a fine, fine line
Between Pleasure and Pain.

[Verse 2:]
Sooner or later you'll find your place, find your body and you'll find your
Grace. I won't ask you, how you've been getting off. No, I won't ask you
How you've been getting off.

[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat verse 1]

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