The Sainte Catherines Please Drive By Lyrics

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I'm hangin' on the phone I can still feel a line cuz 5 minutes too long I'm tired of wasting green shit ink and friends time fun and dreams on someone who doesn't care 3 weeks is not long when you know where is your heart but It will be long for me cuz I don't know how you'll be what are those eyes what are those smiles what are these tears I don't understand (you) maybe it's a lie maybe you'll drive by but all those remarks keeps me alone in the dark (all over again) dream stars dreams smile

Those Stars Are for You Track Listing
  • 1 Broken Cigarette
  • 2 Look at the Moon
  • 3 Mosquitos Everywhere
  • 4 Please Drive By
  • 5 Thanx for the Couch
  • 6 Smile
  • 7 FM Love
  • 8 Powerless Power
  • 9 Bright Stars
  • 10 Acoustic #1
  • 11 Acoustic #2
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