Billie Myers Please Don't Shout Lyrics

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You shake me free of my dreams
From this bed I hit the floor
What day is it anyway?
Go away, and close the door

I want to cry in silence
You want to talk some sense
I've just stopped trying
It feels like I'm dying

Please don't shout
It's only anger that you're waking
Please don't shout
Can't you see I'm not listening?

Today I cry for my sins
Tomorrow call me a fool
The pressure drives me deeper
It's like there's nothing left to lose

Oh, anger is my best friend
Why don't you pull up an easy chair?
You can't save anyone else
You can't save me from myself

[Chorus x 2]

I'm not listening
I'm not listening
Stop your shouting
I'm not listening

If only I could release
Instead of talking to myself
Every feeling that I have
Would you bury all my doubts?

But you can't walk in my shoes
Every mile just feels like two
I won't keep explaining
I won't keep on trying
So what if I'm hiding
You're giving me a headache

[Chorus x 2]

Please don't shout
Oh no
I stopped listening
I'm not listening
No, I'm not listening
Can't you hear me?
I'm not listening

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