Z-Ro Platinum Lyrics

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[Z-Ro] Bout time, they opened up the do' for Z-Ro Cause I've been dropping hits, since ten years ago Trying to do it legal, and not slang yayo If I can't get it legal, to the corner I go I never took pride, in slanging cocaine Never could get a job, but needed some mo' change C.d.'s wasn't selling, because I had no name Nothing but a t-shirt, no piece no chain Too many times, I was ready to give up Run up in a bank, and say this is a stick-up Put my pain on records, and record sales picked up The tears I done shed, led me to the big bucks 2000 and 4, I ain't broke no mo' Cause God is my life jacket, when I sink solo I went to a hundred thousand, from a whole fo' So all you haters hate me, as I make a little mo' [Hook] I'm going platinum this time, (this time-this time) I think you fellas, better respect my mind (mind-mind) I'm here to collect my pennies, my nickels and my dimes (my dimes-my dimes) And ain't nobody gonna block out my shine (shine-shine) [Z-Ro] They got me living in a '56, Mass L My locker f
ull of commsary, and my fan mail My city saying Z-Ro, what you gon do when you get out of jail I can't do no mo' pyrexes, no mo' scales Trying to make a million dollas, off my melody Couldn't see it coming, so I caught a state-jail felony F-1 bunk twelve, there resides the stars Special thanks to love, cause "I Hate U Bitch" climbed me to the top of the charts Being free, is like being on lock Niggaz still kick it with ya, but try to get some of what ya got I ain't never seen, so many feminine men Swear to God they holding in the world, but ain't nobody seeing dividends That ain't the life of me, I had to get it Might not be rich in the present, but I'ma be rich in a minute Cause I got three Cuzos sitting up high, rolling 24's Screaming A.B.N. get in the do', waiting for Ro [Hook] [Z-Ro] Jealousy and envy, play a major role Everytime a playa, try to get his pockets swoll Somebody said I did this, and said I did that Even told homicide, I pushed the homie's wig back They don't wanna see, a nigga m
ake it out of poverty When will they realize, God is running with me ain't no stopping me Probably never will, so keep on trying You can clip my wings, but I see happiness in the sky so I'ma keep on flying Until I find, a rested place So many battle scars, blood on my chest and face Whether I'm working or rapping 24/7, me and Satan be scrapping He want my soul, but I ain't gon let it happen Even if I lose my life, trying to chase my dream Whoever do me, gon have hell when they face my team I got them same three Cuzos holding me down, if I ain't coming back Bet they bury me with g-stacks, plus a platinum plack [Hook - 2x]

Written by: Joseph Wayne Mcvey, Randy S. Jefferson
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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