Annihilator Plasma Zombies Lyrics

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Come and play in a world where death is fun
Violence, sex and murder are at your finger-tips
The latest game, there's people choppin' off heads
Gangs and drugs and murdering the feds

Robot nations, our creation, teacher's on the screen
Showing little children things that never should be seen
People watching, no one's talking, rotting out the brain
Hypnotize, mezmorize, just enough to drive you insane


Can't wait to get out of school and play
I don't give a damn if I'm behind
Hour upon hour, as I slay the ****ing demons
Fantasy, reality combine


Cry out critical condition
Sream, shout
Rise up, don't need this horror-vision
Scream, out

No more going out to play
Friends are gone, been put away
I cannot sleep, can no longer feel
I have no emotion, don't know whats real

Television's turning out to be the enemy
24 hour negativity
I don't have time for you, just turn the box on
Breaking news, live, the fall of society


PLASMA ZOMBIE Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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