Raekwon feat. Capone & Sheek Louch Planet of the Apes Lyrics

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I just had to say that right there Rae
I just have to say you my *****, understand?
It don't get no realer than this, man
Let's slow the **** down
You gettin' like a hundred worth for real, man

[Chorus: x2]
Eh yo thug *****s know the code, lock and load
Hit 'em in the head, watch a ***** brain explode
Yo from Y.O. to Q.B. they bang this ****
Shaolin boys they bang them fifths


****in' cops ain't paid up nothin'
Yo you know we shoot you down, man
Ice Water Inc., yeah! Territory, *****
Millitainment, Y.O
Yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah eh yo

Eh yo late night, candle light, fiend with a crackpipe
It's only right, feelin' higher than an airplane, right?
I'm tryin' to get this money, right? So I move cautiously
You more frauds, you see? I'ma live bossy
Way out on Fantasy Island with Mr. Roth, be
I gotta play the ghetto, everyday the hood endorse me (Q.B.)
I'm destined for triple, left hand crook and the right hand fury
Will block the shots, that's simple, I dented a tomb for style
A toast to the death of my foes, respect violence, the criminal codes
Hammer smack a ***** out his five senses
Leave him dumb, deaf and blind, I ride on rinses
Interest so tight, strobe lights follow my grace
Bang bullets by the gates, might hollow ya face
Me and Chef smark massive murder, kill 'em!
I scramble anywhere in Shaolin, right in Castalano buildin'

[Chorus x2]

Eh yo I'm a **********in' ***** Wit an Attitude
Heavy gun play, **** back, *****s is screwed
Stomach wounds make it hard for you to swallow ya food
Throwin' Purple Tape off for me to get in the mood
Sheek Louch, who ****in' wit' that kid?
I'm sick in the head, they need to make a throwback straight jacket
White tee on, a light G. on
These *****es you wife and the God try pee on
I don't care if it's a gram or brick
I'ma make it sell, get off my ****
Pump or the Desert E., take your pick
Money too long, the case won't stick
D-Block *****s **** with Rae
***** act hard and get hit up in the middle of day
Tough guys and all that but I know that you pay
And I don't give a ****, *****s better watch what they say

[Chorus: x2]

Body specialist, full cam F50 with vans
A pull up, do it to ya mans, yo scrams
If you take *****s ears, *****s ain't really queers
Listen, it's grown men in the town, *****s is their's
Fluck *****s, I cut *****s, stuck *****s
Come up, pluck *****s, pop *****s in chucks, it's business
You in this? We non-shoulder style, son, relentless
They four lettered me Chef, ***** get down
Drop you, piss on you, get this, it's official on you
Yo twist the clips hits, this was on you
I'm just a business head ridin' with visual
Don't force me to put out ya head
One for the money, two for the crime round up
Peep it, all major *****s holdin' they ground, get up
Let's form an army millennia, Ice Water!
From Q.B. to Y.O. with Shaolin, I'm feelin' you

[Chorus: x2]

[Repeat x4]
We gon' ride for our team
My *****s'll kill you

For the team, *****
My *****s kill you, *****
Why'all *****s want war? ***** pop up!
Yeah ride for ya **********in' team, *****
Death before dishonor, you heard me?
The **********in' Lex Diamond Story
Why'all *****s better wake the **** up!
Yeah, Ice Water Inc., you heard me?
D-Block, what up?
Pain, time and glory, word, you heard?
Yeah, yeah.. my *****s'll kill you, *****!
*****-*** *****s!

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