Ransom Pirates Lyrics

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I don’t think I’ll understand this don shit
I’m The Alternative
Something different

Her knee-deep in my payroll
I’m Vito Corleone to your Fredo
My army move when I say so
I calmly move with that yayo
I think these bitches playing dead
Make sure you kill em
Do not confuse me with Taio
There’s no squad exempt
Kill em at a large event
Niggas with the biggest mouths is gonna pay the consequence
There’s no pun intended, I don’t care if some’s offended
Pray for his fam, he don’t leave the seeds unattended
I’m a grown man, how bout you holmes?
I ain’t impressed by your Jordans and your new phone
I grew up in a group home,
Where the kids never knew home
There was barely a boot on,
Now my jewelry is 2 tone
Yes, yellow and white, I rumble with God and dance with the devil tonight
I crumble the hard, advance with the pebbles of white
The jungle was harboring some resembles of Christ
These niggas used to laugh at us
Now these labels throwing cash at em
I emerged from a bottomless pit
With one beeper, 2 phones and a bottle of criss

Old hustler, new money,
You a clown nigga, everything you do funny
It was cool when niggas thought I was clews buddy
Now you don’t remember there’s nothing that you can do for me

Yall gon learn today,
I spit venomous acid, you gon burn today
The first words that I taught my daughter to learn and say
Cut the check nigga
Now everybody just turn and pray.

Our father…
Man fuck that
I pray in the booth
Ya dig?
Blood, sweat and tears

Ran, my pleasure
Homie, salute, I’m on deck forever
Shout to Big Fendy, come up DVD
Wuddup Fen, I see you shot the trap TV dot com
That city boutique and all that
We on!

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