Pins-And-Needles-In-My-Heart-lyrics-Willie-Nelson/996004F6D40331AF48256E6000225EE1Pins-And-Needles-In-My-Heart-lyrics-Willie-Nelson/996004F6D40331AF48256E6000225EE1Pins-And-Needles-In-My-Heart-lyrics-Willie-Nelson/996004F6D40331AF48256E6000225EE1 Willie Nelson Lyrics

Willie Nelson Lyrics

I know not where on earth to find you
I know not how or when to start
I only know I'm here without you
I've got Pins And Needles in my heart.

The days and night are growing longer
Since first you said that we must part
I only know I can't forget you
With these Pins And Needles in my heart.

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