The FiNaTTicZ Pimpin' Curly Lyrics

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I said I’m up in this studio me and this skank,
I said I’m up in this studio me and this skank,
She ain’t talking about money, so fuck what she thinks,
What the fuck is on her mind, what she doing with her time,
She ain’t getting paid, she ain’t about a grind,
And never will I ever have a ever never, never will I ever know,
Never, nigger will I give a fuck about a business.
I just get the bitch the seizeness.
Me I go hammer and the pussy, that will make her scream my name,
They come and kill the whole fun when magic call me Chase
Imma hit her one time, good two times,
Put that pussy in my face, set the pussy mind,
Don’t feel like a scrape, this ain’t your first time,
Just let a nigger scrape, nail it from behind.
I’m up in the studio, fucking on tape,
Girl, don’t you feel bad, I know it’s just the first date.

Up in the studio, me and my scrape,
Me and my scrape, me and my scrape,
Up in the studio me and my scrape,
Me and my scrape, me and my scrape.

I said post it in a room and I’m twisting all stir,
Then a pineapple with my motherfucking drink,
Got a barrel of pictures, she creeping on stay,
Large away kills, get the money off my face,
Looking like a bag of money, wanna call it for you?
I could give a fuck if a mother’s nigger on you
I lock ‘em down and set ‘em down, you know I don’t lead ‘em,
Acting like it’s nothing, but it’s pincture and I see it.
So money come first and then pussy come after,
Screaming my name as she lays on my mattress.
She is my hoe, but I treat her like my babe,
Fuck you, hoes, don’t want motherfucker pay me.

I say I’m in the studio, me and my skank,
Thinking about this other bitch, she keep me whip bank,
Working on this master plan, trying to get this master plan,
Fuck the quiet nigger, no, I’m preaching to the reverend.
Trying to be a better man, get money better then
Fuck a bitch and a friend, name a nigger better than me,
And they both got a man, but when they made a friend them hoes confide in me.
I said them hoes confide in me.

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