Too $hort Pimp Shit Lyrics

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Too Sheezy, (whats up main?)
Playa (for life baby)
You got to go out there
and handle your business (get my money)
Handle yours, playas play on (*****)
***** that's pimp **** (*****es gonna pay me)
What you say? (Oh these hoes gon' pay me)
Nothin' but the hog in me (nothin' but the dog in me baby)
***** that's pimp **** (born to mack)
Nothin' but the hog in me (that's what I said)

I was born to mack and at a young age
I knew I'd be a real pimp someday
So I practiced my walk, I studied the game
I never been a sucker but I was still lame
Some things never change but my game elevated
When it comes to pimpin' hoes I been truly educated
Cause I'm so slick, I make hoes turn tricks
Players University, class of '86
And I'm hard on a *****, go ask my first ho
I was 17 then and now I'm 34
I'ma still be a pimp till the day I die
On every street corner, and every high rise
I got the best women that money can buy
When I talk about the game, I never lie
Ask me why that lil girl made her momma cry
You want to know I'll tell you why, *****

***** that's pimp **** (get that money main)
Nothin' but the hog in me (nothin' but the dog in me baby)
***** that's pimp **** (that's right)
Nothin' but the hog in me
(get that money *****, get that money *****)

She got lost and turned out at a young age
I knew she'd be a real ho someday
When she was 10, she was freaky back then
She would let the lil' boys rub on her pants
She liked sittin' on a grown mans lap
When she was 14, she let em **** her from the back
For some scratch, she let em hit
Pull up her skirt, and lick on her clit
Lil fine *** *****, with some big ol' ****
Made her first pimp rich with that good ****
But at the age of 26 she's an old ho
She don't really look that good no mo'
But she could make a trick cum in a minute
Anything you want you can get it
Anything you pay for, she'll earn
Give her some money, she'll take your sperm, *****

***** that's pimp **** (get your money girl, get that money girl)
Nothin' but the hog in me (nothin' but the dog in me *****)
*****s that's pimp **** (pimp ****, yea, fa sho)
Nothin' but the hog in me
(Oh you know pimpin' is the oldest profession)

He used to give the girls his lunch money when he was young
For a kiss on the cheek, he thought it was fun
I knew he'd be a real trick one day
Lettin' girls ride his bike, let 'em win when they play
He was soft, and females made him week
When you got no game, the only way to make a freak
Is to pay em, and that's what he grew up and did
He won't lie, ask him what he do for a *****
Spend cash, just to get some ***
He tried to marry a ho, but the **** didn't last
He broke the golden rule, I hope he never tried
His own wife, own house, and he still had to die
that's ****ed up, but that's the life of a trick
Be a sucker for a ***** and she'll suck your ****
I know he loves her, I don't doubt him
She pulled out his money, said "I love things about him"

***** that's pimp **** (pimp ****)
Nothin' but the hog in me (nothin' but the dog in me baby)
***** that's pimp **** (get that money girl, get ya money *****)
It's nothin' but the hog in me
***** that's pimp ****
Nothin' but the hog in me

Written by: Brad Franklin, D. Brown, Lavell Crump, Lavell W. Crump
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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