Darkside Pictures in Grey Lyrics

Melancholia of a Dying World Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Deadly
  • 2 To the Deceased
  • 3 Prelude / Melancholia
  • 4 Pictures in Grey
  • 5 Dying World
  • 6 Shades of Grief
  • 7 Emesis of the Soul
  • 8 Fragmental Aggression
  • 9 Gedanken
  • 10 A Winter's Night
  • Lonesome under stars tent
    Walks through the silent hour
    Boy wakes out of weird dreams
    His face decaying it seems

    Crazed woman weeps open hair
    In the window staring barred
    On the pond, on sweet drive
    Lovers journeying wonderful

    Dark is the sound of springs rain in the night
    Drops of my blood falling unto golden plates
    In myrial coffins, a laughter whorish and wise
    Lust of heart, songs of madness and night

    Killer smiling bleach in the wine
    The sick caught by moral fear
    Nuns pray naked and wound
    Before gods pain on the cross

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