Bow Wow Pick of the Litter Lyrics

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Here we do it like 1 and 2 and 3 and to the 4 are to the O to the see's
Is at the doe Cruise make a move get clapped on up So so
Def that's whats up, so give me the microphone first (Why)
cause I know what the hell I'm bout I been down in the dirty c l in out
Throw my roof in my trunk when I'm belling out getting crunk (jersey)
When I'm yelling out weaving overseas and plushed out piece
Crushed out the parts, TV's and cars I rock blockedindal
And block crocodile I got so much style sitting comfy, I know that
Every chicks wants me
Deep dish, Six body wider
Than a humbee Slump chumps, leave em numbered in the junky
Chain so chunkie I'm funky

(I don't know about y'all ova there but here we crunk
And we ready I'm the Roc dipping
Leaning meaning T I G ah crushing up contender I'm lil Weezy
To the yippie yo yippie hands down I don't believe nobody can't do
Nothing wit me and I don't know about y'all ova there
But ova here here we crunk and we ready)

[Lil Bow Wow]
Now here's what I want y'all to do for me
Clap with this little rap killa little homie
Got all the girls not knowing how to
Act I'm so nice here I so clear
Look at when I'm up to bat you better get back
It's all mine and you know where I'm from
East haven baby ain't no playing we up in this
For the long run y'all don't want none
I'm the number one most wanted on your Christmas
List I'm bow wow to the yippie yo yippie hands down
I don't believe nobody can't do nothing wit me I'm to spiffy
Stay new at the feet I got all the suburban nerds
And kids in the street wit me
Crowd around and bare witness
As I do it so real so far I just gotta be the best
You think so, but I now so 'cause
That's the only way to get down at the def oh


I went from a deal of doe to tuk tale lords
To the first one on the block wit some buck gators
Rock them papers
Need I say more (yeah)
Well holla at me when you see on the streets
Or it's the chocolate don
And where I'm from they put diamonds on
Fingers and watches on arms and if you look for the green
Then tasha got some so fresh so clean
Y'all don't want none, I'm sharp as a tack
And if you happen to miss me dog
Told y'all I be back maken the player haters say
And I'm still close for comfort
And I took one nine like Kishawn Johnson who the baller me
I look forward to every quarter Convertible shift kit
If she look I'm a call her ova to the Chevy
Dipped in greenery I'm 38 hotter busting out the scenery OK


Written by: Bryan Michael Paul Cox, Sheppard Daniels, Jermaine Dupri, Rahman Muhammad Griffin
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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