Redman Pick It Up Lyrics

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Pick it up, pick it up [4x]
If you find a bag of weed on the floor ************
What the **** you gon do
Pick it up, pick it up [3x]

While I crack a cold Beck's and keep the hoes in check
The double S vest, ***** wreck the discotheque
Sit back relax and while my squad kick tacks
Then tap your man back and be like "Did you see that?"
Ah yes, comin' from the north, south, east and west
Hold your nose and take a deep breath, recess
We bless, mic's, three times a day
Three times a night, it all equals subliminal sequels
Strictly laughing at MC's
Lyrics for years that run more than ten deep
*****s be like "Ah, he changed his style up"
Shut the **** up, ya still a ****-ridah
It's nine-six so get with it
Peep that back-in-the-day **** when that other squad was hittin'
Listen, must we forget, I originated
All that wild ****, that rah raw ****
That jump up and ready to **** **** up now ****
Brick City! Is where I get down kid
Peace to all my buddah smokers on Prince
**** what ya heard, Brick City runs ****

PPP got the glocks and techs
And Def Squad always got some fly **** on deck
Say what? Got some fly **** on deck
Say what? Got some fly **** on deck
PPP got the glocks and techs
And Def Squad always got some fly **** on deck

First of all, MC's be on my balls, straight up
Pubic hairs and everything, lick the whole plate up
Bay Area, roll up your Las Vegas
To all MC's, I love it that you hate us
Drop skills that might send wind chill factors
Back through Patterson, J.C. and Hacken-sack
Step incorrect and get blackened
The ***assin, find da MC's by the jazz men
I don't tote guns I tote funds
While you still puzzled how my antidote runs
Your whole vocabulary's played out, admit it
Still wack if it came out my mouth and I spit it
You remind me of school on a Sunday
No class, beatin' all King's down
Doin' over seventy, in a Hyundai, blast
Give em a good reason to open Alcatraz
Back, nobody got the Red shook
Been a weirdo ever since the doctor said push
Def Squad skills make it hard to overlook me
That's why them hardcore promoters still book me
You shook G... word up... ha ha...

If you see a bag of weed on the floor ************
What the **** you gon do
Pick it up, pick it up
If you see a ***** passed on out the ****in' ground
What the **** you gon do
Pick her up, pick her up
I keep it fly y'all
Fly fly y'all [5x]

Eh yo, don't ride the **** of these real MC's
We pull joints like Spike and blow crews to degrees
Then we buy G's with a half a pound of dope MC's
We bag for cheese just to get weed
Smoke Indoneez I'm milky like Magnese
Oh-7-1-Oh-3, rest them car thieves
Guzzlin' quart for sports of all sorts
Nonchalant spark buddah on the front porch
At courts, F-U-N-K-D-O-C
S-P-O-T, feel the solo type remedy
Then freeze.... ha, ha ha
Where was I? Oh yes
Sippin' on Cristal with fingers up your ***** dress
Don't play close cause jealousy make folks act loc
Another ***** smoked from impression
Second guessin' my verbal weapon, you're lettin'
Spit, sixteen bits, come equipped
And I still walk around with the hooked up Motorola flip on my hip
**** the government, drop ****, it's a microscopic topic
How I stay mo' big than McDonald arches
And uptown got the la-la spots
And bad *** hoes with 54-11 Reeboks
But still, I walk around with the grill
Cause *****s be blinded by this hip-hop **** for real
I ain't havin' that, I'm clappin' ****
**** this rappin' ****, I cause accidents
To any MC who wonders what got in me
To get busy it's simply Ginger and Remi
It don't stop, Def Squad crew is hot
Fillin' up your brain with supreme octane, and it's on

*static from radio surfing*

Thanks Bill
This week on NIN, ******s in Newark
We're gonna take you through some glorious weed spots
That my camera crew and I had a chance to visit
During our stay in Da Bricks
Although we suffered a minor setback this week
When our TV satellite van was stolen
We managed to get around the best way possible
We had chances to see spots like
Hawthorne Ave, Hayes Homes, South Orange Ave
Avon Ave, 19th Ave, Chancellor and Bergen
19th and One-Duke
Hey if you look closely right now
There's someone about to go for their drugs
Or as they would say, stash
Hey, hey buddy, you about to sell some drugs?

Eh yo man, get the **** out! *blam blam blam*
This here, is the telephone line
Of one of the many top notch weed sellers out of Newark
Ladies and gentlemen, what I will try to do
Is tap into the line, and hear an actual drug deal in progress


Written by: Arthur James Gordan Smith, Andrew George Colver, Dean Wilson
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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