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Lynyrd Skynyrd Lyrics

Well sometimes I lose my direction
And sometimes I jump off track
But when I hide out baby, I can always get it back
I need to feel the cool breeze,
In my face, the rumble of the engine, between my legs
Hey little sister you can color me gone

So if I want to stay out all night long you can't stop me from runnin wild,
Don't you worry how long I'm gone, I come back every once in a while
I pick em up, and lay em all down
I never like my feet to ever hit the ground
Don't miss when I'm gone 'cause I'll be around,
I'm a free spirit baby pick me up, and lay me on down

Now I know that I got me a good life,
Jim Bean, and women they treat me right
I make my own rules, like it or not
Now don't misunderstand me baby, I give in every once in a while,
Well its times like honey, I'll leave you with a smile


I've been here, I've been there, I've been everywhere,
I wouldn't tell you no lies,
And just like me you're a wild one,
Won't you take me for a ride
I pick em up, and lay em all down
I don't like my feet to ever hit the ground,
Don't miss me while I'm gone 'cause I'll be around yeah
I'm a free spirit baby pick me up,
And lay me on down

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