Hawksley Workman Piano Blink Lyrics

Let's lie and say that it's alright
When we fight together
Let's say we're happy even though
We know we're both done trying
How would we know
That we'd both end up crying
They say let go
I guess we're still stuck trying
I'm getting nervous
I'm lost in this heartbreak
How long will this love keep me down?
It started innocent at first
It started with some sweetheart words that I strung
And then we saw each other's eyes
And it was like seeing the starry night
For the very first time
Remember when we both said it's forever
C'mon baby, WERE WE just being clever
I'm getting nervous, I'm lost in this heartbreak how
Long will this
Love take me down?
Some things don't softly go
But it's over now
They say it happens all the time
That early love will make you blind
As a sun eclipsing
But we just drove passed all the signs
Not caring what the wise might say
And what we might be missing
Thanks to Erin for these lyrics
Thanks to Youssef for these lyrics

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