Wakey!wakey! Phoebe Cates Lyrics

And I remember seeing you wait from
The weather in the summer when we set fire
To the things we've been, I swear your skin
Was the reason God made eyes

So you snuckled me that night
To the city lawns
I came to life
While you danced with me

With that jukebox thing
Became the soundtrack of our lives
Flat broke, but my money's you
My money's you!

Like it always is, like it always was
When you were 19
Your daddy went away
And left you with your moms

And when I got the news,
I was there with you
Cryin' all night for the Lord
And I swore right there and to the scene

No matter what life puts us through
We said young love is the best love
Cause it's the only one that's true
Flat broke, but my money's you, my money's you!

Like it always was!

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