East West Phat Lyrics

East West Track Listing
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Reason
  • 3 Down
  • 4 Thru 2 U
  • 5 Blame
  • 6 She Cries
  • 7 Thorn of Rage
  • 8 Sydwinder
  • 9 Phat
  • 10 Hey June
  • 11 Everything
  • 12 Conspiracy
  • You stuff a steak in your beautiful mouth
    You drive around in your big beautiful car
    You blow your money on your beautiful hair
    You think you're better cause you got more than me
    You lose it all then who would you be
    You're just a punk in a Mercedes Benz
    You drive around to impress your friends
    Taking me for a ride,
    Your bellies phat and you're ready for slaughter
    You're bowing down to the all mighty dollar
    Taking me for a ride...

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