Roc Marciano Peru Lyrics

Angel dust off wave brush
Cut the tusk adjust
Its not a negative its a plus
Oil the heat don’t let it rust
Its a must
Some will call it luck
I heard your story but doggy I wasn’t touched
I burn trees as the words received
Your deceived
I’m mentally free
Twisted in prayer beads
Juice the pears and tangerines please
This is music
Your disillusioned
To think you can remove my cuban
I have you poked up
Oozing and thats the conclusion
Pardon me for the intrusion
I’m in the blue Porsche truck cruising
With Susan
Mac of the year I’m just a shoe in
Your little waves is just a splash in the pool
Nevermind the lesser kind
Do not cast pearls before swine
Take it as a sign
You may have heard through the grapevine
It rained on the day that Marvin Gaye died
When I was in my father’s graveside
Beside the feeling was odd
I’m nod to cool James Todd
The mood changed
In rap I’m top of the food chain
My lawyer pop the crocodile suitcase
You can’t dispute taste
All the loot is safe in the fire proof safe
Boots is laced
Move with the eight
Shoot straight
Then knock the grape off your fruit cake
Pen in hand
Spliff in the other
You a ugly motherfucker
Smoke something bitch
Thats a quote from Chad Butler
I’m on the jack
My whores like a horse on a track
I’m on her ass
Like a jockey with the strap
No time to be lingering in the back
I’m fingering the cat
Flow like water out the tap
Tall cap rap
Illusion top taught
Until your thought
Chopped a tomahawk
The drama popped off
I morphed into Kid Frost
Slugs are tossed
I’m rubbed down with the cloth
My whore apply lip gloss
As I get tatted in my suite in Manhattan
Speaking latin
I’m a lover
Covered in body butter
Brown skin somali color
Who wrote this a felon probably
I play the telly like Teddy Riley
Lick the poonani benz big body
Ass is mighty
The chrome 25 shiny
But yet tiny
I whip the fly E
With the IV
Its cocaine white like Jon B

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