Maren Ord Perfect Lyrics

Waiting Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Perfect
  • 2 Sarah
  • 3 All I Want
  • 4 Beautiful
  • 5 Swallow
  • 6 Harsh Words
  • 7 Just Like You
  • 8 Tonight
  • 9 Relate To
  • 10 Waiting
  • 11 Speak
  • Don't close your eyes
    They may not open
    What if they open
    Would you be alive

    Everyone falls
    But not everyone rises
    Why don't you get up
    And rise again for me

    What if the world were
    A little more perfect
    Would you stop crying or
    Would you take the leap
    What if the world
    Were a little more perfect
    Would you open your eyes
    And blink again for me

    What about friendship
    What about friends
    You said the whole world
    Was against you
    And it all had to end

    What about love
    What about family
    What about all that
    You have to live for


    It isn't easy here without you
    Why did you leave me
    What am I supposed to do
    (without you)


    Written by: Jonathan Michael Mclaughlin
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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