Planet VI People Know Me Lyrics

JRB The Producer
Go x8
Yeah,hold up

Fresh off the boat with my J's
Better not get my snickers wet
I fly motherfuckers so tell me why would I need a jet
Just a kid from the hood that happens to be where the bitches at
Fuck what you heard but keep it safe where Jimmy at
Used to rhyme about animals, ducks they can really quack
Got a chicken who rides like I'm giving her a piggy back
And I don't ever sleep unless it's inside of her kitty cat
But a man is a bitch and thus I won't snitch like a city rat
We poppin' my nigga like we about to explode
Then it's right back to business while all them niggers promote me
I swag on you niggers and cry surf on them hoes
'Cause I'm kind of a big deal, motherfuckers know me
Pull up on the scene and that burgundy stuntin' silly
System beat awaking on the whole entire city
The ten on the window makes it hard for niggaz to see me
With that late touch adore hop on that bitch like I'm a geenie

People know me
I'm kinda famous nigga
People know me
I'm kinda famous nigga

I'm in Jackson with them shoes off walking through the airport
Head into an island it don't require a passport
Which one asshole what the fuck you asked for
Rolling with so many niggers like I'm on the task force
I'm the fucking minority who don't care for authority
Got so many bitches it's like I'm in a sororoty
You seeing me man chilling here why the fuck would you bother me
Pardon me? did I stutter my nigga?
I'm in my jeep like I got robbed 'cause the roof and the doors gone
Everyday she dress for the summer she can't keep her clothes on
Hold on, oh I'm damn dawg you dead wrong
Although it's irrelevant I don't fuck with the goverment
Y'all niggers is small change we doin' big things
Y'all lames blow mo smoking a hurricane
My name reigns ,yours don't mean a damn thing
So fuck your thing bitch 'cause

(Hook x2)
People know me
I'm kinda famous nigga
People know me
I'm kinda famous nigga

You don't need to see me you already know who I is
If not you need to get from under that rock where you live
That's shit that you can wait to play for niggers back at the crib
Doggy style to beat the way that I came down to this bitch,pause
Now go ahead and drop it bangs like the cops is at your front door knocking
Take my autograph and sell it if you tryna' make a profit
Maybe you won't 'cause they know me they probably already got it
Respect my elegance all my fellow americans
In my all black everything like I'm one of the presidents
Confident not arrogant plus I'm fresh as in peppermints
Tipping strippers in hundreds like I won the large settlement
Me Jamal and Slow got the flyers kick on our feet
The shit I'm rocking now they still haven't even released
Nossy neighbours look through their window to get a peek
Ask about me in these motherfucking streets nigga 'cause

(Hook x2)
People know me
I'm kinda famous nigga
People know me
I'm kinda famous nigga

People know me

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