Kenny Rogers People in Love Lyrics

The Heart of the Matter Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I Don't Want to Have to Worry
  • 2 The Heart of the Matter
  • 3 You Made Me Feel Love
  • 4 Morning Desire
  • 5 Don't Look in My Eyes
  • 6 The Best of Me
  • 7 Tomb of the Unknown Love
  • 8 People in Love
  • 9 I Can't Believe Your Eyes
  • 10 Our Perfect Song
  • People in love
    They've got it all
    They've got the world in their hands
    Chosen their eyes
    There's no way to hide
    Of the love that we had

    People in love
    Live everyday
    Knowing each other by heart
    A power of two
    Leading them through
    Like a torch in the dark

    Love seemed so far away
    I never dreamed I could be
    One of those people in love

    But I found you
    To give up my love in two
    Only you
    I never dreamed we could be
    Two of those people in love

    People in love take care forever
    Knowing someone truly cares
    Love is the key
    Of those who believe
    Of a lifetime to share

    Written by: Byron Hill, Thomas Michael Dekle
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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