Nocturnal Rites Pentagram Lyrics

Tales of Mystery and Imagination Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dark Secret
  • 2 Lost in Time
  • 3 Test of Time
  • 4 Change the World
  • 5 End of the World
  • 6 The Vision
  • 7 Warriors Return
  • 8 Pentagram
  • 9 Eye of the Demon
  • 10 Ring of Steel
  • 11 The Curse
  • 12 Burn in Hell
  • 13 Living for Today (demo)
  • They set sails towards the sea
    Only brave men with hearts of steel.
    To embark upon the journey
    And bring the treasure back.
    They will head the old man's words
    As he wrote so long ago
    "Go and find the treasure
    and live for evermore."
    For thousand days they sailed
    Towards a distant world.
    Reaching to where heaven ends
    Beyond the stars- to find the pentagram.

    Now the sky fades to black
    Strong winds tear the sails apart.
    Above them roaring thunder
    That echos in the night.
    Mighty waves cast the ship aside
    One hundred men go down.
    Everyone but one man
    That lived on to be free.

    Long ago they sailed away
    To a land beyond the stars.
    One man brought the fortune home
    And lived for evermore.

    Written by: Ben Neill, Paul Miller
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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