Stone Roses Pearl Bastard Lyrics

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I gave my pearl away this week
Now I'm freezing with this company
Can't find my friends
Where can they be?

The lights lit up a thousand homes
The neon signs were blinking out
But no one heard me as I fight

I couldn't see, sand in my eyes
The noise I made drowned out the tide
But no one came I was all alone

The shadows crept along the beach
And now the buoy was out of reach
My lungs filled up with salt and screams

All alone on my own
Dark and cold wanting warmth
Fighting waves, that kept me from the shore

I climbed and fell and tried again
I slipped and tripped and fell back in
As thunder claps came across the sky
My screams were drowned out, so were I,

So true love
Let me die, Jesus, Jesus, let me die
Drop the sky, let me die

This is the end, my end
This is the end, this is the end

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