Rachael Yamagata Pause the Tragic Ending Lyrics

Elephants... Teeth Sinking Into Heart Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Elephants
  • 2 What If I Leave
  • 3 Little Life
  • 4 Sunday Afternoon
  • 5 Elephants (instrumental)
  • 6 Duet
  • 7 Over and Over
  • 8 Brown Eyes
  • 9 Horizon
  • 10 The Only Fault
  • 11 Sidedish Friend
  • 12 Accident
  • 13 Faster
  • 14 Pause the Tragic Ending
  • 15 Don't
  • Draw me under
    Cut me open
    Take my heart
    I give it to you
    Hear the thunder
    Hold me close
    I beg of you

    And pause the tragic ending
    For just a moment more
    Draw the dresser out
    And slide it to the door

    Take the air out of the room
    Close the curtain
    And kill the lights

    Only seconds
    Left to tell you
    How I need you
    Every night

    Pause the tragic ending
    For I'm almost out of breath
    Whisper in my ear
    Take a bite out of my neck

    I'd give you blood if that's what you need
    To stay with me
    You'll be free
    And I will die

    Sing a song
    For they all want to see
    How it ends
    Bring her along
    She can stitch you as you mend
    Bury me deep
    Lest I travel you again

    The tragic ending
    Never ends

    Do you love me?
    You love me
    I can feel it in my bones

    In dreams you are swimming
    Swimming naked out

    Take the bottle
    Out to sea
    Back for good
    You hurt her dear
    Get a,
    It chases me
    I don't know that I am here

    In this tragic ending
    Where we've all those things to say
    Wash the sheets
    And clear your head
    You'll be OK

    Bury me deep down
    In every song you play

    The tragic ending
    The tragic ending
    The tragic ending
    Saves the day

    Written by: Rachael Amanda Yamagata
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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