Too $hort Paula & Janet Lyrics

Short Dog’s in the House Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 $hort Dog’s in the House
  • 2 It’s Your Life
  • 3 The Ghetto
  • 4 Short but Funky
  • 5 In the Oaktown
  • 6 Dead or Alive
  • 7 Punk Bitch
  • 8 Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me
  • 9 Hard on the Boulevard
  • 10 Pimpology
  • 11 Paula & Janet
  • 12 Rap Like Me
  • 13 The Ghetto (reprise)
  • *****! That's a trademark

    I was at my house not doing anything
    Half past ten I heard the phone ring
    When I picked it up, I said "Hello?"
    The ***** spoke up and said "What's up ho?"
    I said, "*****, if you're fine it's my ****"
    Enough playing, who the **** is this?
    She said "Janet" I said "Oh"
    Met the ***** last week at my show
    I told her "Call me" and I gave her my card
    She talked dirty and my **** got hard
    That night I ****ed the ***** three times straight
    Next night we made another date
    I gave a concert and she came backstage
    **** a *****, I'm trying to get paid
    But that puusy squeezed tighter than a vice grip
    ****ed around and met this other *****
    Right out the back I told her "***** let's go"
    Took the ***** to my limo even though
    Her friend said I'm ugly, I ain't even fresh
    She told her friend they **** the best
    Rushed the ***** to the back seat
    She pulled up her skirt and ****ed the **** out of me
    She said her name was Paula, ***** turned me out
    Took my **** out the *****, let me cum in her mouth
    She kept sucking like a veteran, I couldn't handle it
    The limo door opened, it was Janet
    She jumped in the car, they started kissing and ****
    I kicked back and let 'em have this ****
    I told the driver "Take me straight home"
    Then called my partner on the car phone
    I said "I'll hook you with a bad-*** *****"
    Come to my house and don't even trip
    He came over and we served the hoes
    ****ed the *****es like gigalos
    Paula and Janet will make you wet in your pants
    But to me, they're just two more tramps
    With some good *** **********ing *****, no ****

    Short Dog's in the **********ing house and I ain't even tripping, *****

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