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we once owned the way that we thought. i hate the fact that it all had to end. the best times of my life that i can recall, are the times when you were my best friend. can't even label how the whole thing began to break. or how it escalated beyond control. i just wish there was a way to get it through to you. we were invincible and immune to pain. the predicaments we find ourselves in now, were nothing then because we had no shame. and when i think about what stands between us today. i can't seem to understand why both of us remain so stubborn and proud. i think we each need to act like a man. now i think about what comes next. and i sincerely hope that we don't lose track of what used to make our lives so enjoyable. i hope that we can get that back. i'm through living in the past tense.
The Struggle Continues... Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Addiction
  • 2 Evil Twin
  • 3 Right Hook
  • 4 Intolerance
  • 5 Nothing New
  • 6 Resist in G Minor
  • 7 Step Up
  • 8 Face Down
  • 9 My Girl
  • 10 Past Tense
  • 11 Time for Change
  • 12 Tengo Nada
  • 13 Peril After Peril
  • 14 Unbroken
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