Z-Ro feat. Daz & Cl'Che Party Lyrics

Z-Ro Tolerance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Go to War
  • 2 Real Niggaz
  • 3 Creepin'
  • 4 Party
  • 5 I'm a Gangsta
  • 6 Stranger in the Midst
  • 7 Keep Runnin
  • 8 Who Could It Be
  • 9 Jus' a Hoe
  • 10 Ain't Havin None of That Bullshit
  • 11 Shelter in the Storm
  • 12 Time and Again
  • 13 Move Around
  • Yo hey, yeah come here girl come on, uh..

    [Hook: x 2]
    Who want to party party, these hoes acting naughty
    They want to get with it, or they want to **** somebody
    And so you know how I do it, you better ask somebody

    I pick winners, let me see you come in first place
    I'm like the rabbit and turtle, see it's a long race
    You get to shaking and moving, working and hurting
    You slapping it up and you bruising, and girl it's curtains

    Shake your booty, leave my hand
    And **** print in her, and I go up in her
    She get managed, like the Asian wanting Spanish
    And you know I got to have it, put your mouth on me baby

    Get to ****ing, and baby girl can't manage
    She can't stand, her *** bigger than the whole damn planet
    She don't look to better, like Janet
    But she'll do, and we'll do

    It's just another day, a ***** in my bed
    The same *****, she be giving me head
    And when the *****, make a ***** just cum
    Find out hoe, that you ain't the one

    [Hook: x 2]

    You want to party party, see me act naughty naughty
    And get me twisted off that Lime, Vodka and Bacardi
    You want to see me now, or you want to see me later
    Smoked out, in the back of your Navigator

    So let's party party, young playa playa
    I don't mean to stare, but what you swanging there
    I like to get it crunk, I'm tal'n bout pulling stunts
    Don't be shy break me off, in the front of the club

    You know, you want to ****
    You know, you want to bust a nut
    So come on baby, why don't you give me what you got
    Break me off a stack, and you can see this ***** pop

    And if you front, you get's no love
    Cl'Che's looking for a thug
    You with that ladi-dadi, but I'm a hottie hottie
    Then Daz Dilinger said, you better ask somebody

    [Hook: x 2]

    ***** you, ain't nothing but a greasy split
    Open your ***** hole for me, don't tease me *****
    I'm put to put this log on you, from Michigan to Pamona
    Long as I got a rubber, Z-Ro gon bone a broad a day

    When I hit it, she gon injure her ankle like Hardaway
    Doggy style, come out and come back from a yard away
    Punish the panocha, I'm going south
    Do that thang with your mouth, and I'll be hard all over

    Look how they jock me, when I'm rocking the stage
    On that X and I'ma hit it, like I'm cocking a gauge
    I'm like em with hair down they back, or rocking the braids
    They love my ****, and want me to stay in they cot for the day

    But I got bidness to handle, and paper to chase
    Finish sucking my ****, and then get your *** out my face
    It ain't nothing personal, but I don't love you hoe
    You got some bomb *** *****, but you got to go

    [Hook: x 2]

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