Guttermouth Party of Two (Your Table Is Ready) Lyrics

He's so tall, he's so thin with that ****-eating grin
Oh how can I trust him?
Hey who's that in that ten gallon hat?
Why should I vote for him?

It sucks, big bucks
America's conditioned
With pride, they hide
Their real ambitions

Let me retort on the 2 party system
Which one will you endure?
When you cast a vote in a 2 party system
That's when you lose for sure

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go
Then off to Lynard Skynard
They smoke so much dope then tell me "Rock the vote!"
I'd rather be a retard

Ambushed, I'm too bushed
To explore an alternative
They say there's no way
It'll change the way that I live

Go choke your chicken, this 2 party system
That's when you lose for sure
I'll go choke my chicken, it sounds finger-lickin'
But it smells like manure

Up to the mountains in a cave
I'll never vote or even shave
I'll wash my hands of all this

'cause ignorance is bliss
Right on the floor I'll take a piss
While you endure political abyss Lyrics © BUG MUSIC O/B/O FLECK MUSIC

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