Landon Rogers Part Of The Machinery Lyrics

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(We're just a part of the machinery)
Man wasn't made to last
And so we split our spleen
And then it came to pass
We made a modern machine
That could think about things
Without the pain of emotion
And so we made it our king
We gave it all our devotion
That's not my father on the throne
Aint no praises from these stones
We had a message that could save the world
Never did deliver it
Knelt before some other throne
Made ourselves it's proliferates
Wanna break out of this machinery
But we don't know how
Don't wanna blend into the scenery
But we're all a part of it now

So I walked down the road, but the road was too long
I was alone, it was a narrow road
No one cares about the means; the ends justify the means
It's Machiavellian
A man can only be as free as his neighbor; his neighbor's not free at all
There's no freedom in liberty; (are we blending in?) there's no freedom in
If we blend into the scenery after all, we're just a part of the machinery.

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