Fifteen Parking Lots Lyrics

Surprise! Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Middle
  • 2 Armed Gangs
  • 3 Whore
  • 4 Famous
  • 5 No
  • 6 Nancy's Song
  • 7 Circles
  • 8 Parking Lots
  • 9 Stolen Smiles
  • 10 Song #14
  • 11 Back
  • 12 My Friend II
  • 13 The End II
  • Otherwise we'll die
    We need more cops and more guns to keep us safe from armed gangs-
    Or we'll surely die
    We need cable TV to keep the kids in line
    Turn off our mind-to kill some time
    We need nuclear power and children with 6 eyes
    We need to mutate-so the species will thrive
    We need global welfare, bombs falling everywhere
    And peace will come to me there when there's no one left to fight anywhere.
    And god will roll down from the clouds and gosh I'll be so proud
    Cuz I'll be the inner and god will take me up to heaven for dinner

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