Dokken Paris Is Burning Lyrics

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This town I'm in can't take no more
Decadence and sin
You were my woman
Why'd you have to be so hard and cold

Paris is burning
Want to see it from afar
Paris is burning
Want to get to where you are

My life's in ruin
The girl I love
She's far away
The distant fire

Brings memories of the love
That I once knew
Where are you now
Been looking all around

And I can't stay
Help me now
I can't stay
Much more before I fade away


I can't believe
You'd throw it all away
You know you played me for a fool (huh)
I'm leavin' now

This time you know
That I'll be gone for good, yeah

Paris is burning, Paris
Paris is burning
Paris is burning

I can see it from afar
Paris is burning
Dream Warriors Track Listing
7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Dream Warriors
  • 2 Back For The Attacks
  • 3 Paris is Burning

  • Written by: Anuroop Pillai, Phillipa Brown, Roy Kerr
    Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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