Ted Nugent Paralyzed Lyrics

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I'm on a mission of mercy. I gotta testify.
You lost your emotions. You're paralyzed.

Amputate your logic, you're hypnotized.
You show no emotion. You're paralyzed.

Don't you know you crucify yourself, oh, no.

You're killin' you and nobody else,
And know you been spending your nights alone.
The lights are on but there's nobody home.

You don't know where you come from. You're not too wise.
You got nowhere to run to. You paralyzed.

Can you feel your body? Can you move your eyes?
Can you feel your heartbeat? Well, are you paralyzed?
State of Shock Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Paralyzed
  • 2 Take It or Leave It
  • 3 Alone
  • 4 It Don't Matter
  • 5 State of Shock
  • 6 I Want to Tell You
  • 7 Satisfied
  • 8 Bite Down Hard
  • 9 Snake Charmer
  • 10 Saddle Sore

  • Written by: Nina Persson, Peter Anders Svensson
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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