Ja Rule feat. Leah Siegel Parachute Lyrics

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When you play by the rules of the world
The world will rule you!
When you play by the rules of the divine
You will rule the world
Bring back

All the way from Heaven to the stars
The stars pass along,
The moon turns to sky
The sky turns to you
I’m falling, I’m falling with no parachute
I’m falling for love with no parachute

All the way form the heaven to the stars, to the moon, to your heart
We only fail to get up to you
My world is new, I put it on the cross
Get thanks to the Lord, the legendary fall
**** you, no pause, *****s make God bless us all
Form the.. to the roof, to the head, to the floor
It’s a long fall and a lot of ***** fall short
And a lot of *****s fall off
But not me, I could never see the ball drop
Unless is new year in the heart of New York
If you’re new to the block, get a little rough
Especially if the heart ain’t wide enough
'Cause I’ve been through it all, and it’s even more
Only *****s get the fall.


If I get it from the Heavens above to the fire to my ***
Nobody surpasses death, it don’t lasts
Now you kill me
I’ve already been dead, I’m a wholly spirit
Watch my flow fly around like a G6
While my body stays down in the audience.
I’m living this life limitless
If it ain’t fly has no relevance
If it ain’t domestic, it’s not intelligent
You should be smart and jump of the…
The dark side, is a long ride…
Just to been through it all, and to see even more
To fly, the *****s get to fall.

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